More than 150 Old Boys, spanning 60 years from the 1950s through to E2018, provide their time to Rondebosch as sports coaches, music tutors, trustees, Bosch Journey guides, first aiders, guest speakers, advisors and committee members. We also appreciate the role of the E-year reunion organisers and Sub-Union co-ordinators who ensure that Old Boys further afield remain connected with Rondebosch. In addition, there are 18 Old Boys who are on the school staff who contribute to Rondebosch in numerous ways.

The Old Boys’ Union recently hosted an informal event to acknowledge and thank some of these Old Boys who loyally serve our schools and the Old Boys’ Union.

We will continue to host this annual social evening in appreciation of the contribution by individual Old Boys to the success of Little Bosch, the Prep and High Schools and to the education of our future Old Boys and to encourage other Old Boys to also do the same.