International Science Fair (ISF)

Five Grade 10 boys represented the Cape Town region at the International Science Fair (#EskomExpoISF) in Johannesburg during the September holidays.

Zuhayr Halday and André Toerien won silver medals and the Hendrik van der Bijl award for innovation. Their project on the UV opacity of school uniforms was also awarded the best Physics project.

Oliver Faure, Alex White and Joel Hunt won gold medals. Oliver studied the role of depth and sunlight on marine population densities in different environments. Alex and Joel designed a service delivery app called Tumikia and won the Expolabs Award, the SAICE-IT Division award and the prize for the best Computer Science project.

Expo 2019 National medal winners                                                  Zuhayr and André prize



André and Zuhayr at project                                                                Joel and Alex at project


Alex and Joel                                                                                               Oliver gold medal