For the twelfth year, our young men achieved a 100% pass rate and 98.7% university entrance rate; our highest endorsement rate since the NSC began.

162 candidates achieved a record 468 A symbols. The distinction rate was 2.9 per pupil. 28 students achieved a full house of 7 As. Of this group, 9 achieved 8 As and one pupil, Gary Allen, achieved 9.

Two young men deserve special mention: The first is Gary Allen who came second overall nationally amongst the Quintile 5 schools. Gary wrote 9 subjects and all of his results were over 90%. He achieved 100% in both Mathematics and Information Technology while his Physical Science mark was 99%.   The second is Tim Murphy who came 1st in Mathematics in the country Tim achieved 8 A symbols including 100% in Mathematics.


Given that most of these young men, including our top performing academic boys, also participate in a range of activities often at the highest level, this academic achievement is made even more commendable. These excellent results are the culmination of years of focus and hard work on the part of both the boys and their teachers. It is also the result of the unwavering support of the supportive parent community that carries this school forward.

9 Distinctions:
Gary Allen

8 Distinctions:
Luke Borain, Christopher Dean, Luke Delmulle, Craig Engelsman, Richard Meyers, Timothy Murphy, Sean Muller, Bernard Strauss, Liam Truter

7 Distinctions:
Ismaa’eel Arend, Matthew Blows, Charl Botha, John Caine, Liam Cuff, Bradley De Kock, Josquin Du Toit, Michael Hooper, Eric Jacobs, Patric McKeown, Aadam Mowlana, Nur Salaam, Oli Shaw, Theon Smith, Thomas Soboil, Fraser Sleet, Luc Van Houten, Oliver Wakeford

We are very proud of the class of 2019 and all who have supported them in their quest for excellence.