67 Good Deeds Challenge
for Mandela Day

How great is it that our random acts of kindness
and good deeds can make someone else’s entire day?

No matter how small your action, Mandela Day is about
changing the world for the better.



  1. COMPLIMENT someone.
  2. Say THANK YOU to someone who has made a difference in your life.
  3. Send a MESSAGE to a lonely senior or someone in isolation.
  4. Point out the POSITIVE QUALITIES of those around you.
  5. Think of the AMAZING PEOPLE in your life, message them telling them why they’re awesome.
  6. Message someone to tell them something you APPRECIATE about them.
  7. Share your TALENT – perform for someone, paint a picture for someone etc.
  8. COOK an extra portion of dinner for someone who needs it.
  9. Keep an extra UMBRELLA or disposable raincoat with you, hand it to someone in need when it rains.
  10. LISTEN. We underestimate how important and comforting it is just to be listened to.
  11. SURPRISE someone – do something special for someone.
  12. When you see something good, SHARE IT. e. contact an employee’s manager to let them know about exceptional service.
  13. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Write down 5 things you are grateful for.
  14. When people are gossiping about someone, be the person to CHIME IN WITH SOMETHING NICE.
  15. ENCOURAGE someone.
  16. Give someone the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT.
  17. Learn the names of people you see every day. Greet them by NAME.
  18. Learn to greet someone in their own HOME LANGUAGE.
  19. Buy or donate a GIFT TO A CHILD who would not normally receive one.
  20. CHECK-IN with someone you are out of touch with, even if to just say hello.
  21. TEACH We can all teach something, sometimes the small things make the biggest difference.
  22. Make a helpful INTRODUCTION.
  23. Don’t ignore the next homeless person you see, buy him or her a MEAL.
  24. Allow someone to HELP YOU. Let that person enjoy performing an act of kindness.
  25. Plant a TREE.
  26. Set up a RECYCLING system for your home.
  27. Learn FIRST AID.
  28. Allow someone to STAND AHEAD OF YOU in line.
  30. Keep a small CARE BAG handy with items someone in need would appreciate.  Not all items need to be new.  Try to make it specific to age and gender.  e.  Elderly man:  Toiletries, socks, shoes, disposable raincoat, toothbrush, jersey, water bottle.   Child:  Toy, treat, colouring in book with crayons, age-appropriate clothes.  Woman:  Soap, jersey, toiletries, something pretty, sanitary products.
  31. DONATE household items you no longer use or need.
  32. Be a GENTLEMAN – take off your hat when you greet someone, open the car door for someone, help an elderly person cross the road etc.
  33. Offer to FIX something.
  34. Consider adopting a RESCUE animal or volunteer at an animal shelter.
  35. Make DINNER for your family, remember to wash up afterwards.
  36. Help around the HOUSE.
  37. Buy or pick FLOWERS and hand them out to anyone you see to brighten up their day.
  38. Do someone a FAVOUR.
  39. Call your Grandparents
  40. SERVE YOUR PARENTS tea or coffee in bed.
  41. LET SOMEONE ELSE PICK what to watch on TV and watch it together.
  42. GIVE AWAY books you have already read and enjoyed.
  43. Try not to COMPLAIN.
  44. Take time to appreciate the BEAUTY AROUND YOU.
  45. Write someone an encouraging MESSAGE, LETTER, POEM OR SONG.
  46. FEED the birds in the park.
  47. Buy your WAITER/WAITRESS a dessert off the menu.
  48. Buy GROCERIES for the person behind you.
  49. Offer your SERVICES FOR FREE to someone in need.
  50. Give someone a FRIENDLY WAVE OR THUMBS UP.
  51. SUPPORT a local charity.
  52. Plan a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY activity for someone.
  53. Create a BIRTHDAY CALENDAR and remember to wish people on their Birthday.
  54. Be a ROLE MODEL.
  55. Make a NEW FRIEND.
  56. Spend QUALITY TIME with your parents, take a walk together, and just chat.
  57. Put away your mobile phone and ENGAGE WITH THOSE AROUND.
  58. Buy a HOT DRINK on a cold day for someone in need.
  59. Keep a WARM COAT in your car that you no longer use and hand it someone in need.
  60. Pinup POSITIVE NOTES in random places.
  61. Use your unique SKILLS to help others.
  62. Consider your HEALTH.
  63. When you see people at WORK, thank them for their important role.
  64. Make someone LAUGH.
  65. DONATE STATIONERY or educational materials to a local school or scholar in need.
  66. BE GOOD COMPANY for someone.

The BIG Bosch Heart
Rondebosch Boys’ High School – Community Support Initiatives