Robert Allan Davidson has recently received the Gold Award for his personal development in the President’s Award for Youth Empowerment in South Africa. He has displayed qualities of perseverance, commitment and a huge sense of social responsibility. In achieving his gold, he has completed the following four skills areas;

Community Service

  • 72 hours of service spread over 12 months.
  • A variety of forms of service was undertaken, amongst them, volunteering at Fallen Angels dog shelter, doing beach-cleanups and also helping out at Ladles of Love with their soup kitchen and sandwich drive.

Skills and Interest and Physical Recreation

  • Robbie showed regular effort and improvement for both categories spread over 12 months. For skill, he does debating at school and partakes in debating competitions against other schools through the Rotary debates. For physical recreation, he chose long-distance running and attended Western Province cross country trials.

And an Adventurous Journey

Robbie undertook his adventurous journey in the mountainous regions of Nepal, often in rainy weather and through cloudy regions. Here he had to contend with many obstacles, amongst others, blood-sucking leeches. This journey took place over 6 days and 5 nights, with 8 hours of planned activity each day in a group of people.

Apart from completing the four categories, as a gold participant, he also successfully completed a compulsory Residential Project in which he participated for at least 6 consecutive days. This was also done in Nepal where he helped a school clear ground and sand, and painted classrooms and the outside of the school. He also assisted in installing a speaker system for the school’s assemblies. He learned a huge amount about the people of Nepal and gained invaluable experience.

Congratulations to Robbie. Over and above his academic responsibilities and daily commitments, he has chosen to take on extra activities that not only empower him as an individual but also impacted on his school and community.

You can be very proud of your achievements, Robbie!

Mr Bassier Halday (Award Leader)