Welcome from Head of Water Polo

It is wonderful to see Water Polo back in the pool at Rondebosch Boys’ High School.  This year the U14 Tournament offers so much more than a few games of competitive sport. Yes, there will be a final and a winner and many opportunities to be competitive. Yes, we will witness star performances and players to look out for in the future, but there is more. We have two invitation teams this year, made up of “B team” players and boys from a number of schools not able to attend; we have two schools from out of town, a club team from George and two local U13 teams. Games will be live-streamed to allow for remote viewing.  We have two boys reffing games and manning tables to assist the officials to ensure the smooth running of the tournament. All this as we emerge from a pandemic. This kind of inclusion allows for a greater sense of community, opportunities for broader friendships and a chance for the sport to be the real winner.

Good luck to everyone involved. Play hard, play fair, have fun. It’s good to be back.

James Whiston
Head of Water Polo
Rondebosch Boys’ High School

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We look forward to Broadcasting the Rondebosch U14 Waterpolo Tournament via SuperSport Schools platforms.

Live Footage
Full days games will be available to view LIVE on the App.

Footage can be replayed after each game on the SuperSport Schools YouTube page.
Footage will be uploaded to the SuperSport Schools APP asap post game.

See links below:  This information will be made available digitally via website/email (clickable links)
Links also available via RBHS Website:  https://rondebosch.com/high/ (Stay updated page):  https://rondebosch.com/high/stay-updated/

WATER POLO: Rondebosch U14 Water Polo Tournament 2021

Day 1

Website/app – https://live.supersportschools.com/event/6149aa1c2a8a2210ccddc84f
YouTube – https://youtu.be/93yBQp7Wiac

Day 2

Website/app – https://live.supersportschools.com/event/6149ab722a8a2210ccddc852
YouTube – https://youtu.be/QP3vRScJE54

Day 3

Website/app – https://live.supersportschools.com/event/6149acae2a8a2210ccddc862
YouTube – https://youtu.be/h3PznKrytxM