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Hockey Premier League 2022 

There is a good reason that the name “HPL” was chosen for this unique competition at our school; it tries to capture some of the intensity and excitement of the Premier League in both soccer and cricket; two of the greatest sporting spectacles on earth.  What makes the competition appealing is that it consciously draws in a cross-section across the age groups of the Bosch hockey teams and, in so doing, reinforces and builds a spirit of collegiality, mentorship and community into the ethos of hockey at the school. What joins the boys of all ages and draws spectators in is the enjoyment factor created by the boys’ enthusiasm for the sport and the skill with which it is played.

Thank you to the sponsors, teachers and parents who have worked behind the scenes to make this competition possible.

Best wishes to the young men who will play, the officials who will officiate and the spectators who will spectate – the word ‘spectator’ has the same root as spectacle and a spectacle it is sure to be!