Remembrance Day Service
The Prep and High Schools today honoured the 179 Old Boys and 6 masters who fell during the two World Wars and in subsequent conflicts, and all those who served and died in South Africa and elsewhere in the world. On November 11 the school flags fly at half-mast as the community of Rondebosch pauses in silence to remember them, and to pray for victims of attacks and cruelty throughout South Africa and the world.
The service in the War Memorial Hall commenced with the laying of wreaths by the Old Boys’ Union Chairman Mike Probyn, the Head Boy and representatives of the staff, parents and boys.
Following introductions by Headmaster Mr Shaun Simpson and Head Boy Thomas van Wyk there were readings by boys from the Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish and Xhosa traditions reflecting the range of religions at Rondebosch, and the ideals for which the Rondebosch men served and died.
The Honours Roll was read by Head Boy Tom van Wyk, Deputy Head Boy Henry Potgieter and Harry Mellish of the Executive Council, and the Last Post was sounded in the Hall foyer followed by Reveille, both by Ethan Holgate (grade 11) on Trumpet. The service concluded with the Benediction and A Prayer for Africa.
At the Prep School wreaths were laid outside the school front entrance below the school & National flags and a special assembly was held with guest Marilyn Honikman, author of ‘There Should Have Been Five’, who told the boys & staff of the story of Job Maseko who served during WWII. Through his heroic efforts, while imprisoned in Tobruk, using an homemade bomb an enemy vessel was sunk.
The service was concluded with the Last Post.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them
God bless Africa
Guide our children
Guard our leaders
And give us peace
FIRST WORLD WAR: 1914 – 1918:
Batchelor, A.W.
Bisset, I.M.
Blanckenberg, J
Boyle, J.A.S.
Brown, A.N.
Brown, W.N.
Brown, M.M.
Bullen R.E
Cardwell, H.E.
Carstens, W.A.
Chalmers, T.
Cooper, H. E.
Devenish, A.J.M.
Devenish, D.H.
Fair, W.R.
Fletcher, W.H.A.
Gillespie, J.
Gordon, A.F.
Gurney, F.H.
Henry, J.D.
Hofmeyr, R.E.M.
Hosking, A.S.
Howse, H.E.
Johnson, W.B.
Jurgensen, E.
King, F.
Kavanagh, J.W.
Latham, E.R.
Luyt, J.F.
Maasdorp, A.
Maasdorp, N.
Mcevoy, W.H.
Macfarlane, A.N.
Mcpherson, J.A.
Mcpherson, D. N.
Martin, R.D.
Myburgh, J.A.
O’connor, A.C.
Orpen, T.H.
Plowes, E.S.
Powell, F.G.
Quinn, J.H.
Ridgill, F.E. S
Scott, A.E.
Spurway, S.
Stapleton, H.
Stockenstrom, A.L.
Thomson, G
Tredgold, J.C
Watson, C.E.S.
Westhofen P.
Wiener L.Dev
Williams C.B.
Zeederberg, H.
SECOND WORLD WAR 1939 – 1945:
Aberdein, J.S.
Adams, E.C.
Airey, E.W.
Bain, A.M.A.
Bates, A.J.
Beattie, S.S.
Beech, C.B.
Benjamin, P.
Berrange, L.J.P.
Bettison, C.M.
Bowen, D.D.
Branch-Clark, J.C.
Brice, R.D.
Brien, R.C.
Brown, D
Brunton, K.J.
Condie, W.
Conway-Deacon, J.E.
Cornish, F.V.
Coulthard, M.
Cox, G.E.
Cramer, P.L.
Daniels, R.S.
De Smidt, F.F.
Dickson, R.F.
Divine, G.D.
Doble, I.J.
Dodd, D.W.
Dreyer, J.G.L.
Duffett, H.G
Eatwell, N.J.F.
Edmeades, E.R.P.
Edmeades, R.H.
Edwards, J.H.
Elliott, D.
Fairweather, J.
Farquhar, D.A.
Fourie, J.F.
Gallimore, L.F.
Galloway, S.R.
Genis, G.
Gibbs, C.S.D.
Gird, N.L.A.
Gordon, D.D.
Green, G.C.
Haft, A.A.H.
Hall, J.B.
Hall, J.N.
Hardy, P.E.
Henry, J.E.
Holahan, .F.
Howes, C.A.
Jackson, D.F.D.
Jackson, H.E.
Jackson, J.S.L.
Jackson, R.E
Jamieson, A.G.
Job, H.A.
Judd, D.R.
Karg, N.
Kensington-Edwards, E.
Kenyon, G.A.B.
Le Roux, J.V.P.
Liddle, P.H.
Loynes, P.A.
Lyon, J.G.
Mcclure, C.S.C.
Mcguffie, A.W.
Mackenzie, A.K.
Mckenzie, J.R.
Marchand, P.Dec.W.
Marsh, S.J.R.
Mills, G.B.
Myles, H.
Newmark, G.B
Orton, C.
Palmer, C. M
Peers, C.V.
Price, D.K.
Price, D.S.
Richards, G.H.
Robbins, L.S.
Robertson, J.V.P.
Rogers, N.J.
Rowe, G.P.C.
Rowland, G.
Ryall, D.R.
Scrimgeour, F.C.
Scrimgeour, Q.
Seale, K.J.
Shannon, S.B.
Sharland, J.U.
Sharpe, J.E.
Shoyer, W.A.
Slatem, A.C.
Smith, W.A.C.
Snooke, D.D.
Stafford, R.W.
Steele, E.S.
Steele, P.D.
Stewart, A.R.L.
Stewart, R.J.
Stone, H.W.J.
Thompson, C.F.
Tindall, J.C.
Van der Spuy, S.J.
Van der Spuy, T.A.M.
Van Reenen, M.C.
Varnfield, G.K
Vickers, C.P.
Vink, B.F.
Voigt, F.C.M.
Walker, T.H.F.
Watermever, F.G.C.
Webb, J.W.S.A.
Weinrich, N.A.
Wentzel, H.J.
Whittingdale, H.F.
Wolfe, T.K.
Woods, G.C.
Wyley, T.F.
Brice, C.
Gache, R.
Louw, J.A.S
Rabkin, D.
Warrener, P.W
Dobson, D.I.