I would like to take this opportunity to express my solidarity with those boys who had racist comments directed at them this weekend and for the other incidents of discriminatory treatment that have been experienced recently. It was a sad moment for me when racist comments that should have no place in our schools were directed at one of our 1st team hockey players. This left us no choice other than to forfeit the match which we gladly did in protest. What caused further disappointment was that this continued on Saturday at the rugby. I was disheartened to realise just how far we are from a place of acceptance and unity in some of our schools.

Rondebosch does not support discrimination against another person in any shape or form. Above all else, we strive for unity, treating one another as equals, remembering that the future is held in our hands. We realise that our actions have consequences and leave a legacy for future generations and we should therefore not take this lightly. It is these values of respect, acceptance and pride in our diversity that we, as the young men of Rondebosch, should carry proudly wherever we go. I urge you all to remember who we are. Let Bosch be the example to others on how we conduct ourselves in these situations and keep our flag flying high.

Altius Et Latius
Nathan Ball – Head Boy E’24