Annual Prestige Music Concert
Last week the Music Department held its annual Prestige Music Concert in Mrs Veranza Joubert’s honour, who will retiring at the end of this year 🎶
Started in 2005 by Mrs Joubert, the evening hosts a variety of classical and jazz musical pieces. Adjudicated by Tertia Visser Downie, the boys performed various pieces to win 1 of 2 trophies 🏆
The Andrew Ford Trophy for Jazz was awarded to James Ford for his vocal performance of Orange Coloured Sky by Milton Delugg 🎤
The Emilio Farella Trophy for Classical Music was awarded to Joel Bencini who performed Dmitri Shostakovich’s Lyric Waltz on piano 🎹
It was a great honour and end to the evening to be serenaded by Veranza and Tertia, who performed 4 outstanding piano duets together 💐