Rondebosch Boys’ High School Old Boy, Timothy Fransman (E2018), attended the Top100 Award Ceremony at the prestigious Rupert Museum in Stellenbosch.

Timothy Fransman attended the Sanlam Portrait Competition that is open to all South Africans. This year saw over 40 000 entries. Tim made the Top100 and attended the Award ceremony.  The below photographs show Tim alongside his breathtaking art piece called “The Wanderer”.

“The Wanderer” By Timothy Fransman (E2018)

Portrait of Leandra Kristina Walker
Soft pastel on Kraft paper, 88,5cm x 102,5cm

Artist’s Inspiration:

During the pandemic, I felt confused and anxious about the possibilities of becoming a fulltime artist, and I questioned if this would be a good idea.  In the painting of “The Wanderer”, I wanted to capture feelings of both uncertainty and confidence as there is a fine balance between the two. Although there is great uncertainty for her, she still holds her head up. “The Wanderer” is a reflection of myself as I take my first steps into the art world “The Wanderer” is also everyone, no one really knows what is to come. The sea on one side of her symbolises the vastness of the world, whilst the rocks on the other side are symbolic of the metaphorical mountain we all climb.  She (The Wanderer) is “stuck” in the middle. As she glances out to the world ahead, she is not fully aware of where she will end her journey, or what her journey will be. She looks into the distance with the sun shining softly on her face.  There is both adventure and hope in her eyes.  She leans out of the artwork, and thus pulls the viewer in and appears that she wants to say something. She inhabits the space she is in. There is no sun present, but her hair represents that she has a warmth which everyone can relate to – everyone has felt the sun before. Which furthers the viewers feelings of “I’ve been there before, I know that feeling”. The sun is also a metaphor for “as long as you rise every day – there is a purpose, even if you don’t know what it is”.