Cricket Tour England

15 wins out of 15 matches for the Bosch First XI in England, including winning the Silk Trophy Festival!Congratulations to Captain Fayaad Daniels, Vice Captain Asakhe Tsaka & the squad, and coaches Jaco Zeeman (E2011), Rob Dalrymple (E1989) & Oliver Slingers (E2007). Thank you to all the Old Boys who supported the team throughout the tour.

Tour Results

RBHS vs Brighton College, RBHS won by 98 runs; Maahir Joseph 138, J Neill 107, Asakhe Tsaka 3/19 in 7 overs

RBHS vs Charterhouse School, RBHS won by 131 runs; Cameron Fraser 121, Declan Gillespie 105*

RBHS vs Millfield School, RBHS won by 10 runs; Jordan Neill 115*, Asakhe Tsaka 4/51 in 10 overs

RBHS vs Malvern College, RBHS won by 72 runs; M Joseph 112

RBHS vs Clifton College, RBHS won by 38 runs; Graeme Engelbrecht 3/27

RBHS vs Oakham School, RBHS won by 210 runs; Jordan Neill 125, Fayaad Daniels 116, Raeeq Daniels 4/11

RBHS vs Wellington College (T20), RBHS won by 21 runs; Cameron Fraser 54 runs (39 balls)

RBHS vs Malvern College (T20), RBHS won by 43 runs; Maahir Joseph 101 (51 balls), Cameron Fraser 53 runs (39 balls), Maahir Joseph 4/21 in 4 overs

RBHS vs Hampton School, RBHS won by 13 runs; Cameron Fraser 93, Raeeq Daniels 4/47 in 10 overs

RBHS vs Whitgift School, RBHS won by 4 wickets; Giyan Sulcas 4/32 in 10 overs

RBHS vs Harrow School (100 ball), RBHS won by 39 runs, Cameron Fraser 102* (48 balls)

RBHS vs Harrow School (100 ball), RBHS won by 6 wickets, Asakhe Tsaka 3/16

RBHS vs Eton College at Silk Trophy Festival : RBHS won by 26 runs, Graeme Engelbrecht 3/23 in 10 overs

RBHS vs Shrewsbury at Silk Trophy Festival: RBHS won by 7 wickets; Graeme Engelbrecht 4/38 in 10 overs, Maahir Joseph 103*

RBHS vs Stowe at Silk Trophy Festival: RBHS won by 6 wickets & won the Trophy; Raeeq Daniels 3/21 in 8 overs, Graeme Engelbrecht 3/13 in 7 overs

Altius et Latius!