Rondebosch Boys’ High School Grade 12 Results 2022

For the fifteenth consecutive year, the young men of Rondebosch achieved a 100% pass rate. Rondebosch is one of 22 schools and 3 boys’ schools in the Western Cape to do so consistently over the past 5 years. Given the context of pandemic learning, where this cohort spent two years in variable learning conditions, it is commendable that E’22, our largest intake thus far, achieved a 91.3% university entrance rate. While these excellent results are the culmination of years of focus and hard work on the part of both the boys and their teachers and the standard of tuition they received. They are also indicative of a group that raised the bar in terms of school involvement and support. To maintain excellent results whilst being fully immersed in the school’s broad extra-curricular programme speaks of balance and self-discipline. We must therefore also recognise the supportive parent community who have supported the school and their boys across a wide range of activities over their 5-year journey. We are very proud of the class of 2022 and all who have supported them in their quest for excellence.