RBHS The Journey

History of the Bosch Journey

The inaugural Rondebosch Journey was undertaken by the Grade 9s of 2013.

The Rondebosch Journey is a whole grade, 10-day adventure for Grade 10 learners ONLY which focuses on developing responsibility, leadership, co-operation, conflict resolution, tolerance and consideration of others, and the ability to stand firm in times of adversity.

The ‘Journey’ concept is one which has become established at a number of schools around the country.

The intention of the Journey works at both a physical and emotional level.

In the transition from boy to young man there needs to be certain fundamental character-building phases.  The Journey mirrors these phases and thus becomes part of the transitional process.  This happens through the separation from the parents and home.  It happens through meeting the physical challenges and the lessons in outdoor skills, awareness of the environment, communication, teamwork and leadership, and the resultant self-reflection and self-understanding acquired.  Transformation is also achieved through the return process that happens at the end of the Journey.  This is carried back to the school during the re-integration with the school, parents and family life.

The Journey has a real impact on school life because the whole grade is involved and bonds through the shared experience.  We hope that you share our excitement in this annual initiative – one that we believe will be a powerful character-changing experience.

Journey Information Booklet
Note:  This information is updated annually in consultation with the Journey Coordinator.