On acceptance to Little Bosch, a development reserve is required to confirm your son’s place. This sum is refunded, on written request, when your son leaves the school.

Little Bosch fees are payable over 10 months, from February to November, by debit order or EFT. A 5% discount applies to fees that are paid in full before 31 January.

Little Bosch Grade R 2020 R45,150 R4,515 (per month)

Grade R Aftercare 2020

Option Times Annual amount Monthly amount
(over 10 months)
Sibling rate
1 12:45 – 14:00 R5,300 R530
2 12:45 – 15:00 R10,500 R1,050 R880
3 12:45 – 18:00 R18,700 R1,870 R1,690

Please note: Holiday care is not included in the monthly aftercare fees.