Parent Guide

The start of a new school year is an exciting, yet uneasy time for all! The staff at Little Bosch are committed to making the transition as easy as possible for you and your son. There is a staggered intake over the first few days so teachers are able to spend time with each child and help them to settle in with confidence.

Try to use the following guidelines as the first day of school approaches:

  • DO speak about the new experience in a positive way. It should be an adventure that parent and child are setting out on together and are both looking forward to. Let your child pack all his belongings on his own the night before. Encourage him to show others what he has for his new school and talk about “Little Bosch” often. Drive past the school and maybe even stop and walk through the adjacent park. Your concerns regarding the early morning rush or adjustments to the household routine should not become his.
  • DO let him learn his teacher’s name and let him colour a picture or collect things for him to show her on the first day; he will arrive with a purpose instead of an insecurity.
  • DO make sure that all his belongings are marked and that he knows what his bag looks like. If he would like to bring a special toy with him for the first few days, it should be large enough to boost his feelings, but small enough for us to keep in his bag! Also let him carry his bag in on his own.
  • DO allow yourself time to spend with your child on the first day – to see where his locker is and to look around the learning areas and garden before you have to leave.
  • Do let your child have an early night and a hearty breakfast. Remember that the weather in January is hot and that the children have to adjust to a new routine; sufficient rest and a healthy diet will help them to cope more easily.