Each Rondebosch E-year organises and manages its own class reunions, with some guidance from the Old Boys’ Union office. The organisers contact all members of their year for whom they have an email address. If you wish to contact a particular reunion co-ordinator please liaise with the Union’s office.

2019 Reunions

Reunion – E-Year Date Organiser(s)
60th  – E1959 November/December 2019 Dave van Breda Smith
55th – E1963 March 2019 Lindsay Kennedy
50th – E1969 March 2019 Andy Ismay
40th – E1979 March 2019 Keith Cullis
35th – E1984
30th – E1989 August 2019 Mark Gebhardt, Paul Harrison, Terence Berry
25th – E1994
20th – E1999 March 2019 Gary Fouché & Sam Paddock
15th – E2004
10th – E2009 March 2019 Grant Greeff
5th – E2014 Josh Williams

2020 Reunions

Reunion – E-Year Date Organiser(s)
70th – E1950 Dennis Nick
65th – E1955 Keith Brooke-Sumner
60th – E1960 Ken Andrew
55th – E1964 Neil Mc Murray
50th – E1970 Pan Brower
40th – E1980 Wend Wendland
35th – E1985
30th – E1990
25th – E1995
20th – E2000
15th – E2005
10th – E2010
5th – E2015