Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see your financials?

Yes, we run things completely transparently. Please email Antoinette Bell for your copy.

Can I make a direct deposit?

Yes, you can find all our details on our DONATE page.

Are there other ways that I can give?

Yes, host a fundraising event. Sponsor an underprivileged rider/runner for our annual fund raising events.

Is the Rondebosch Vuleka Trust a registered PBO?

Yes, we have four trustees, a chairperson and 2 advisory members, who currently manage the Rondebosch Vuleka Trust in a sustainable manner. As the Rondebosch Vuleka Trust is a SARS registered, tax-deductible PBO fund the Trustees are in a position to provide donors with the necessary Section 18A Tax Certificate for the financial year in which payment is made.