Our Ethos

The Rondebosch Schools are inspired by the shared motto: ‘Altius et Latius’ and our symbol of the tree, both of which teach us that the broader the base, the higher we can grow. The combined strength of the schools and Old Boys’ Union is a unified vision for the boys who pass through our schools to be anchored by strong roots in order to grow ‘Higher and Wider’.

The Rondebosch Boys’ schools are more than transmitters and teachers of curricula. It is imperative that a boys’ school community raises good men; men who are aware of their social and civic responsibility. It is our task to create an environment to help boys discover that they are good men.

It is the goal of all schools, and those who support them, to teach learners about ethics, values and discernment throughout their educational journey; and to guide them on how to use their success at school to achieve significance in the world beyond these walls. To reach this end, boys must be given space to explore both their external and internal lives. They must have safe places to express their physicality. They need to learn to communicate and express themselves accurately and convincingly. They must become empathetic to the varied cultural, religious and social nuances of the land in which they live. They need to learn that courage is tested and found in places of uncertainty. They must be guided by discipline – to build character and conscience. They must be offered positive role models who show them, through example, that there are many ways to be a man.

Altius et Latius