Our Union

The Old Boys’ Union was established to maintain contact between Old Boys, to keep them informed of Rondebosch news and activities and to support the Rondebosch Boys’ Schools.


Mr Michael Reeler, President of the Old Boys’ Union, sadly died on 14 June 2021. This was his message to Old Boys & others who visit this site.

It is my great privilege to welcome you to the Rondebosch Old Boys’ Union, which has over 8,000 members. It exists mainly to foster the relationship between the alumni of our great schools and to disseminate information about the schools, including activities and achievements, to its members and other interested parties.

The world we live in is an extremely complex place and the life of most individuals is swept up almost entirely with family, work and other calls upon our time, so it is very easy to lose touch with our alma mater. The Rondebosch Old Boys’ Union will help you to stay connected with friends made during your time at school, keep you informed of their whereabouts and activities, advise you of union and school activities and encourage you to remain in contact by way of newsletters, Facebook, reunions, sub-unions and numerous other events.

I encourage you to stay connected to make our Union a stronger and even more relevant organisation. Please, if you are in the area, visit the Old Boys’ Union & Heritage Centre at the High School – you will find it a most rewarding experience.

With warm good wishes,

Altius et Latius

Mike Reeler
Rondebosch Old Boys’ Union

Our Committee

The committee is responsible for managing the Union, for arranging events and interacting with Old Boys with the main objectives of keeping them in contact with each other, maintaining loyalty to Rondebosch and supporting the Schools. Read more

Our History

The Rondebosch Old Boys’ Union was established in 1909 by Headmaster Mr Sydney ‘Dad’ Mason to support the Rondebosch boys and staff and to help Old Boys maintain links with the Schools and with each other. Over the last 110 years, the Old Boys’ Union has assumed a greater role in raising funds for the benefit of both the Prep and High Schools and providing other support. Read more



The Rondebosch Old Boys’ Union is one of the largest school alumni organisations in South Africa with some 8,000 members spread over 47 countries. Membership enables Old Boys to stay in touch with fellow classmates and to meet other Old Boys. It is open to all those who have attended Rondebosch Boys’ Prep or High Schools or served as a staff member. Read more


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