Our Family

From a very simple beginning in 1897, we have grown to include Little Bosch (Grade R), Rondebosch Boys’ Preparatory School, Rondebosch Boys’ High School and Rondebosch Old Boys’ Union. Situated at the foot of the majestic Table Mountain, each school boasts beautiful, spacious grounds and provides a balanced curriculum aimed at the attainment of excellence. Lessons are presented by a highly qualified team of teachers and we have a well-respected reputation in all aspects of education, including Academics, Sport, Music and the Arts. Our Old Boys’ Union serves to anchor the Rondebosch family by maintaining fellowship amongst past students and assisting in the advancement of the schools in all of their activities.

Little Bosch

Laughter, shouts of joy and kindly words abound in the beautifully designed outdoor play areas. This, coupled with informal learning situations and the practical layout of each classroom, ensures that Little Bosch is the place to become a true Bosch boy!

The Little Bosch Grade R and Activity Centre was established in 2004 by Rondebosch Boys’ Preparatory School to provide a nurturing, fun-loving and happy learning environment for our Grade R boys. This is achieved through the dedicated efforts of our teaching and general support staff in providing indoor and outdoor activities that stimulate creative and critical thinking, awaken curiosity and that develop perceptual and cognitive skills.

Rondebosch Boys’ Preparatory School

Education is an exciting process of discovering both ourselves and the world around us. We encourage our boys to explore their passions and talents and support them in developing academic and social skills, which serve as a foundation for their high school years. We provide an arena for them to learn and play, whilst challenging them to grow into independent, kind and sincere young gentlemen.

Rondebosch Boys’ High School

The quality of a school is not solely determined by academic output but by the calibre of its learners and staff. Our young men consistently excel academically and in many other areas outside of the conventional curriculum. Rondebosch boys leave high school as independent, well-rounded gentlemen, confident in their leadership skills and prepared for tertiary education and the responsibilities of adult life. Our dynamic staff are committed to the overall development of our learners. They offer a range of academic and enrichment opportunities to challenge our students to fulfil their potential, encouraging them to grow into the young men that they wish to be.

Rondebosch Old Boys’ Union

Our Old Boys are passionate about their alma mater. They remember their roots and thrive on giving back in so many ways. They assist financially and in their professional capacity. They participate in committees, give talks and coach teams. Their presence at sporting events and functions reminds them of their heritage and grounds us in ours. We greatly appreciate how generously our Old Boys give back to their school. The Rondebosch Old Boys’ Union is a place for them to celebrate all things Rondebosch and to come together as a community.