Support Systems

The Counselling Department has access to a network of professionals in social and psychological services for learners, in consultation with their parents, to be referred to when needed. This sometimes involves a programme of intervention, to support the learner in managing school life.

Our school psychologist, Ms Nyback, is available during the week for one-on-one appointments. Bookings can be made through Tracy Starke. Our school psychologist, regularly hosts parental group discussions on pressing matters relating to the development of our young men. Meetings are held quarterly and are advertised under the banner: ‘Coffee morning discussions’.

Born out of the Bosch 125 vision is the proposed building of a ‘Bosch Wellness Centre’ – a dedicated office space, housing a range of professional educational service providers to serve the needs of our boys and staff. This centre would enhance our pastoral support system and be a valuable addition to the school.

‘Significant Adult’ Mentoring Programme

It is a reality of teenage life that some boys engage in destructive behaviour. The ‘significant adult’ mentorship programme assists boys with habitual behavioural issues to be more aware of the self-defeating nature of these destructive patterns. A mentor teacher holds regular meetings with the boy concerned to set goals and provide general guidance.

Peer Mentoring Programme

We introduced a Peer Mentorship programme in 2018 to service the needs of all of our Grade 8 learners. A carefully selected group of Grade 12 mentors undergo training to assist the junior boys throughout the year. Each ‘big brother’ looks after, on average, three Grade 8s. These groups meet regularly and the mentors share information on conflict resolution/management, civil engagement and participative management skills.

The Gr 8s benefit immensely and have a sounding board in the Grade 12 group, which bridges the divide between juniors and seniors. Though the relationship is symbiotic as the senior boys take their mentorship role seriously and we commend the caring attitude they show towards the junior boys.

Mental Health

The prime focus of the Mental Health group is to create awareness around men’s health issues, including anxiety and depression. The group participates in events highlighting different concerns to educate and encourage our boys to get involved in a variety of topics.

Pride Society

The Pride Society consists of boys who identify with the LBGTQI+ community and their supporters. They interact with other schools, hosting discussion groups and events to support and educate our boys in a variety of topics.