Pastoral Care

Our vision is to develop boys into young men who are confident and able to pursue their dreams. Young men that are resilient, adaptable, and equipped with the academic, ethical, social and emotional competencies to effect significant and lasting change in a changing world. We strive to create an environment in which all of our boys can participate fully and grow into their full potential.

The broad vision aims to:

• Effectively meet the personal, social (wellbeing) and academic needs of our boys and staff.
• Develop positive self-esteem and a sense of social cohesion.
• Help boys attain skills required to adapt to the changing world outside of school.
• Create ‘mindfulness’, which in turn will lead to resilience and adaptability.
• Address the anxiety felt by boys on leaving school regarding further education and employment opportunities.
• Address issues of cultural and sexual identity.
• Develop personal characteristics that include a positive self-image and good grooming.
• Foster and emphasise the Rondebosch passion and “gees”.

Grade Heads and Houses

We use a dual grade head system, which places a special responsibility on senior members of staff and their team of class teachers to ensure that all of our boys receive recognition for their actions. Each Pastoral Head is appointed for a five year period and moves up with the grade. Read more

Support Systems

The Counselling Department has access to a network of professionals in social and psychological services for learners, in consultation with their parents, to be referred to when needed. This sometimes involves a programme of intervention, to support the learner in managing school life. Read more

Leadership Development

Our vision is to provide a programme that exposes all of our boys to leadership opportunities at every level. We want the boys to be constantly challenged by teachers and their peers. Our principles and practices are aligned with the school’s educational mission and vision, so all of the planned activities revolve around what is best for our boys. Read more

Civic and social responsibility

Rondebosch boys are actively involved in a number of projects locally, nationally and internationally. Read more

Go Study

Go Study offers Career Guidance at Rondebosch Boys High School so you can make an informed career decision. The website covers subject choices, career options, scholarships,  study courses and tertiary institutions. While you are there, complete the career questionnaire to help identify career fields suited to you. Once you have completed the questionnaire your results will be displayed showing your interest fields. Select these fields to explore occupations and study opportunities.