Daily Programme

Our Grade R programme adheres to the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) laid down by the Department of Basic Education. The day begins with a morning ring where teachers set the tone and pace for the day while thematic content, news, weather, months of the year and thoughts and feelings are shared. Thereafter, the boys are involved in a variety of activities in Mathematics, Home Language (English) and Life Skills. The Grade R teachers monitor and record each boy’s progress and give encouragement or direction where needed. By the end of a week, each Grade R pupil will have participated fully in a programme that develops literacy and numeracy skills.

Each child is enriched and empowered in Life Skills through the provision of activities in Beginning Knowledge, Personal and Social Well-being, Creative Arts, which embraces Visual and Performing Arts, and Physical Education. These activities cover knowledge of the environment, personal development and health, singing, music appreciation, percussion, rhythm, mime, dramatization, 2D and 3D creative art work, basic ball skills, games and constructive outdoor play.

Snack and toilet routines take place daily, which reinforce healthy habits, such as good manners, an awareness of a healthy lifestyle and good personal hygiene.

We encourage our boys to

  • Achieve for themselves, not for their parents or teachers.
  • Appreciate their own efforts and to feel satisfied with their results.
  • Carry out their responsibilities in a self-disciplined way, not because they are told to do so.
  • Look after their own possessions.
  • Try to solve their own problems creatively and to make their own decisions.
  • Not give up after the first attempt, but to keep trying.
  • Accept that not everyone can be the winner, but to always give of their best.