Our Team

Head of Little Bosch

Shelagh Scholtz

Shelagh has vast experience in Early Childhood Development and is also Head of the Foundation Phase at RBPS. She has been instrumental in providing a successful learning environment for our Rondebosch boys.

Head of Grade R

Analita Gouveia

As Grade R Head she co-ordinates the curriculum planning and handles the administrative duties pertaining to the daily Grade R events.

Grade R Teachers

Carrigan Louw
Carrigan has been at Little Bosch since 2010. She is a passionate Grade R teacher who enjoys creating stimulating challenges for our boys.

Emma Makin

Lianne Bayliss – Lane
Lianne joined us as a Grade R teacher in 2021. Her bubbly nature makes learning fun and interactive for our boys.

Teaching Assistants

Bongi Skempers
Babalwa Duka
Maureen Mapako
Eppy Banga
Melody Munhenga

This team supports the teachers in their preparation, daily layout, and during micro lessons. They also oversee safety in the outdoor play areas. Their role is key to the success of the daily programme.


Gabrielle Laporta

Gabie brought her vast experience into her role at Little Bosch in 2009. She manages all of the applications and provides a warm and inviting welcome to all who visit the school. Gabie is well and truly the “face” of Little Bosch.

General Assistants

Lindiwe Melani
Neliswa Melani

Lindiwe is the “go-to person” who maintains a clean and neat downstairs area for everyone at Little Bosch.

Neliswa oversees the cleaning of the upstairs classrooms and therapy rooms.

Grounds and Security

Peter Mkhize

Peter ensures that our grounds are well-maintained and that our surrounding entrance areas are secure.