On acceptance to RBHS, a development reserve is required to confirm your son’s place. RBHS fees are payable over 10 months, from February to November, by debit order or EFT. A 5% discount applies to fees that are paid in full before 31 January.

2022 Annual
School Fees R61 500 per annum
Boarding House (in addition to school fees) R56 000 per annum

A voluntary development contribution is set annually and is tax deductible.

Fees are reviewed on an annual basis after the school budget has been determined. They increase annually and are set by the Board of Governors in consultation with the Headmaster.

Professional coaching and music tuition are not included in school fees. Music fees are paid, strictly in advance, to the school bursar. Fees for private coaching / lessons are paid directly to the coach / teacher concerned.

In Grade 9 the boys undertake a compulsory 10 day adventure which focuses on developing responsibility, leadership, co-operation, conflict resolution, tolerance and consideration of others and the ability to stand firm in times of adversity. This event is at an additional cost to the annual fees.