Prefects and Student Council

Prefects and the Learner Representative Council (LRC) are elected by their peers. As senior representatives, the prefects form the leadership of the LRC, chairing its various committees. The Head Boy and Deputy chair the overall council and represent the students on the Board of Governors.

Subject to the Education Act, 2001, Section 60 (1), and the Regulations made under the Education Act, 2001, Government Notice No 187, Section 30, the powers and functions of the Learner Representative Council (LRC) are as follows:

The LRC may establish committees for specific functions or projects of the LRC, which may include learners who are not members of the LRC as members, and must designate a member of the LRC as chairperson of such committees.

The LRC, as a highest body of elected leaders of the learners of the school, must:

  • Encourage student involvement in school activities and keep students informed about school events.
  • Encourage good relationships within the school community by liaison between learners and the school management.
  • Facilitate cleanliness & order in the school by, with approval of the Headmaster, undertaking projects and programmes aimed at improving and maintaining the school environment and facilities and improving the health and welfare of learners.
  • Support the Headmaster / staff in the performance of their duties and assist the Headmaster and teachers to ensure adherence to the code of conduct of the school by all learners so as to create and maintain an orderly and disciplined school environment conducive to a culture of learning within the school.
  • Support the school in fundraising events and perform any other reasonable tasks assigned to the LRC by the Headmaster.