School Policies

One of the functions of a School Governing Body is to decide on and implement school policies that are suitable for the school, to protect the rights of the pupils of the school by facilitating the fair implementation of school rules. SGBS are required to have in place certain policies that are required by law in order to establish rules and procedures and standards of quality for learning to take place in safety, as well as to meet the expectations of the school community and to ensure accountability. School rules and policies must meet basic minimum standards established by national laws and policies. Therefore, central to all school policies, are the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and the South African Schools Act (SASA).

The underlying principles:

  • All members will respect the beliefs, culture, dignity and rights of others, as well as their right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Language in spoken or written form that is seen as pejorative, discriminatory or racist is prohibited.
  • Any act that belittles, demeans or humiliates another’s culture, race or religion is prohibited.

Download Policies

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