Clubs and Societies

Civic Engagement Society

The Civic Engagement Society provides an avenue for all learners to have a voice. We endeavour to create a safe space for the boys to engage with pressing issues within the school context and to facilitate harmonious solutions when needed. We are Rondebosch brothers in this school, regardless of race, culture or religious affiliation. We celebrate our diversity through understanding one another and this allows us all to stand proud together.

Culinary Society

The Culinary Society celebrates a passion for food and the art of cooking, as well as providing an opportunity for boys to learn some essential life skills. Regular sessions are held after school in the tuck shop, where the boys learn to cook (and enjoy eating) a variety of culinary delights. Cooking sessions at Rustenburg Girls’ High School (about four times a year) are a highlight, as are other outings such as the annual visit to The Creamery, barista tutorials at GroundUp and cooking workshops at the Sense of Taste chef school.

Cultural Society

The Cultural Society is run by Dr Kew and Mrs Newham. Each term, the schedule is determined by the boys’ interests and current events in and around Cape Town. Members of the society explore the city’s abundant and diverse cultural aspects, which include art galleries, art movies (shown at RBHS), exhibition openings, live music and drama productions. Come and join us on our cultural adventure!

Debating Society

Debating improves a student’s skill in developing logical and convincing arguments whilst instilling confidence in public speaking. The Debating Society participates in the Rotary Debating League, at both a junior and senior level, and we also attend workshops and competitions organised by the UCT Debating Society.

Esports Society

The Esports Society is a fun digital space for learners from Grades 8 – 12 to express their interest in social and competitive online gaming. Should boys not have their own gaming equipment, our sponsor, ATK, allows the Esports Society to make use of their facilities. The Esports Society promotes team spirit and players have the opportunity to compete with other schools for the fun of the game and to win some exciting prizes!  We have also found that boys tend to develop their ICT skills as teammates often share their knowledge of computers and the digital world.

First Aid

We have an active First Aid Society which is run for two main purposes: to facilitate training, which is paid for by the school and provided by DoL (Department of Labour recognised providers); and to allow the first aiders to provide a service to the school. The first aiders form part of the medical team which is present at our hockey and rugby matches. They also provide assistance to schoolboys, during school hours, and during the Athletics meetings in summer.


FunChem meets every week during Societies period to conduct experiments and investigations. We use scientific knowledge to turn tea bags into rockets, CDs into balloons and to make jellybabies scream. Most activities are hands-on, providing practical application of the scientific method and developing a passion in the learners for the wonder of science.

History and Current Affairs

The aim of the History and Current Affairs Society is to provide the school community with an array of events and talks throughout the year. This extends into the classroom where we seek to improve the ability of all of the boys to think critically and write in a creative and succinct manner. We often have speakers in and each term we invite a high profile guest to deliver an evening address.

Outreach Society

The Outreach Society is a platform for RBHS boys to serve their community and assist those who are less fortunate. Every year we have a variety of initiatives including drives (clothing, stationery, Christmas hampers, etc), fundraisers (Cyclathon, Spur Shadow Shifts) and other activities such as Christmas parties and manning water stations at various marathons.

Our committee members develop good leadership and organisational skills and learn about teamwork. Interact is a great way to get involved without having to commit long-term as boys can sign up for individual activities as they arise. We look forward to seeing lots of new, enthusiastic faces at our events!

Jewish Society

The Jewish Society was initiated in 2017 to provide a platform for Jewish students to raise concerns and discuss related issues. Jewish, “Jew-ish” or otherwise interested students are invited to share Challah (traditional braided bread) every Friday and to socialise with their peers.

Muslim Students Association

The Muslim Students Association has grown from strength to strength each year. We have a broad focus from catering to our Muslim learners’ needs, to broadening their knowledge and helping them grow into leaders. We encourage our members to show active participation by being and to be more socially aware citizens who promote unity and develop equitable solutions to societal problems.

Photographic Society

With a photo you can capture a moment, and have it forever. This idea is often taken for granted, with photography being so ubiquitous these days. At RBHS we inspire young photographers to explore life through the lens and provide a platform for this as a career choice.

President’s Award for Youth Empowerment

The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment in South Africa is part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. It challenges young people between the ages of 14 and 24 in four areas: physical recreation, skills, adventurous journey, and service. These provide a balanced programme of activities which develop an existing range of talents and interests.

In addition, important life skills are acquired – communication, negotiation, planning, presentation and problem resolution. There are also many hidden outcomes, including an increase in confidence, self-belief and independence; a greater civic responsibility and the opportunity to try out different experiences.

Visit the President’s Award website for more information and online registration.


Pride Society

The Pride Society is a platform for students to engage with one another about LGBTQ+ topics and the inclusivity of related discussions within the school. The Pride Society provides an opportunity for students to be heard within a peer-based support system. We aim to encourage a general sense of understanding so that all students feel accepted and included during their high school years.

Rondebosch Christian Union

This enthusiastic society hosts regular break-time meetings and an annual camp in conjunction with other local schools. The committee and regular guests all contribute to fulfilling the vision of connecting one another to create a bridge across cultural and social divides.

Sound and Lighting

Boys have the opportunity to learn both practical and technical skills whilst serving the school. The chosen crew has access to the sound and lighting room and is trained throughout a four-year course. The boys assist with any production or technical activity at a variety of exciting school events such as drama productions, music concerts, special assemblies, sporting events and Cabaret.

Ubuntu Society

The Ubuntu society began in 2007 in response to a need to nurture talents outside of the conventional platforms, such as music, art and drama classes. Ubuntu originates from the old African proverb, “umntu ngumntu ngabantu” – a person is a person through other people. The society is open to ALL RBHS boys. Members perform at a wide variety of cultural events organised by a number of different schools. We also visit Stellenbosch to display our varied talents to other schools, such as Rhenish Girls’ High School.