Governance and Management

All correspondence to members of the Governing Body should be sent via the official minuting secretary.

Board of Governors Responsibilities 2023

The school governing body provides the opportunity for the parents to be participants and partners in the successful running of the school. Governance grants to parents certain governance rights and a meaningful say in the nature of the schools attended by their children. Governing bodies have the right to sit in council, formulate policies and even levy ‘taxes’ in the form of school fees. The critical rights to be granted to governors include: the setting of policies in fields like admissions, language, religion and finance; governance authority over matters such as the use of school fees through the budgeting process, the employment of additional staff, the physical infrastructure of the school, the addition or removal of subjects, the extra-mural curriculum including what sports should be offered, school uniform and school branding and the learner and educator codes of conduct.

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