Frequently Asked Questions


What are the criteria for acceptance at RBHS?

The admission guidelines include all-round academic ability, residential proximity and satisfactory reports in terms of behaviour, attitude and participation at current school.

Are English, Afrikaans and Mathematics the only marks taken into consideration?

No, all-round academic ability is considered and no specific aggregate is required. If a boy is clearly struggling, we would not advise a big school environment.

With applications, December results are submitted – if these marks improve after the first term report can these be submitted?

Yes. Even though applications have closed you may submit the first term report.

Do I need to apply at other schools?

Yes. Due to the overwhelming number of applications received, it is strongly recommended that all boys consider a wide number of options.

What are the residence qualifications?

By regulation, preference is given to boys for whom Rondebosch is the closest public school although this is not the only criterion.

Why do we need to be close to the school?
  • It is important for pupils to be able to take a full and active part in the extracurricular life of the school. There are often activities, e.g. cultural, social, in the evenings.
  • It helps to have friends from school in your local community – shared interests, lifting, homework, etc.
  • Those who live far away need to be prepared for long hours, including travel time during the week and sporting fixtures over the weekend, to account for extracurricular activities such as sport, music, societies, etc.
Do we accept pupils who do not live close to the school?

Although there are fewer places available for boys living a distance away, we do consider applications from all boys who fulfil the required criteria.

Do we bus pupils in from outside areas?

No, however, many boys use private bus services that operate from the Northern to the Southern Suburbs or from the Peninsula. Several boys also use public transport.

When will we be notified about a successful application for bursaries and scholarships?

Results of scholarship applications will be advised as soon as possible (before acceptance / regret letters are sent).

Admissions to RBHS

Admissions to RBHS – 2022

  • ALL applications for admission to Rondebosch Boys’ High School must be done online.
  • Closing date for admission applications is 26 March 2021 (subject to possible change by WCED).
  • Applications for admission to Grades 9 to 11 in 2022 will be considered during mid-August to approximately mid-October 2021.

Application Enquiries:
Headmaster’s Secretary:
Tel: 021 686 3987

Online Application Form


What are the school hours?

School ends at 15h00 from Monday to Thursday and at 12h45 on Friday. Sport practices and other extra-murals begin at 15h15.

Can boys go home for lunch?

Parental permission is necessary for a boy to go home for lunch.

Can boys stay after school?

Boys may stay after school and do homework. The library is open from 07h30 to 15h30 Monday to Thursday and from 07h30 to 13h15 on Friday. The Commons in the Murison Centre is open after school until 6pm every day.

Is there a prayer room for Muslim students?

We have a dedicated prayer room which is operated by the Muslim Students Association.

What is the procedure for Friday prayers?

The school closes early on a Friday (12h45) to accommodate boys going to prayers.

What is the school’s approach to discipline?

The school policy is to encourage self-discipline rather than to impose discipline. As such, disciplinary measures are intended to change bad behaviour into good. We expect parents to support the school and its processes in order to encourage accountability. We ask parents take responsibility for their sons’ appearance and to see that they conform to the rules of the school.

In the Classroom

What is the average class size?

Grades 8-9: There are six classes of 30 per grade, some are smaller, especially for Maths and English where there are seven classes.

Grades 10–12: The classes vary from 25 – 30 (some are smaller depending on subject choice).

What access do learners have to school computers?

There are approximately 70 computers available to boys at various times, including after school. Wifi hot-spots are available for academic work only.

Do you provide advanced classes?

When boys come from so many feeder schools it is difficult in Grade 8 to fairly identify those who need extension. Classes are arranged according to subject choices (Creative Arts options) with a top set for Maths. From Grade 9, advanced classes are offered in Afrikaans, English and Maths for those who show ability.

Do you provide remedial classes?

In Grade 8 there are smaller remedial classes for English and Maths. Extra lessons are available for some subjects after school.

Do you offer Afrikaans Home language?

No, however there is one class of Advanced Afrikaans for Grades 9-11.

What are SBAs?

SBA stands for School Based Assessment, which takes place every Tuesday morning. The SBAs count as 40% of the final mark in Grades 8-9 and 35% in Grades 10-12.

How often are there exams?

Full scale formal exams take place in the second and fourth terms. The second term exams are followed up by parent learner meetings (PLM) with the appropriate subject teachers. The fourth term exams help to determine promotions to the next grade.


What are the criteria for boarders?

Generally preference is given to boys who fulfil the admissions criteria and come from country areas outside of the Cape Town metropole. Consideration is however given to all applicants who live more than 15km from the school. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the school

When applying for the Boarding House, are two separate applications required (one for boarding and one as a day scholar)?

No. Only one application may be submitted per pupil.  A choice therefore must be made between a boarder place or a dayboy place and this should be indicated on the application form.


What is the purpose of sport?

Sport plays an important part in the extracurricular life of the school:

  • It provides a structured outlet for adolescent energy and offers life lessons in self-discipline.
  • It provides an opportunity for pupils and staff to make contact and relate on a more informal level.
  • It provides a shared interest / activity for parents and boys at a time when, as adolescents, they may be drawing away from home bonds.
  • It provides opportunities for boys to make friends with boys from other classes and other grades.
  • It prepares boys to make healthy life-style choices.
Why is sport compulsory for the junior boys?

We expect every Grade 8 and 9 boy to play a team sport because it is an important socialising factor in his membership of a new school.  In addition to this, boys may also take part in other individual sports.

Do you intend to introduce any additional sports?

No because:

  • we do not have the capacity to cope with any additional sports.
  • we believe we offer sufficient choice to interest most pupils.
  • we would not be making possible or increasing participation in those sports by offering them, (i.e. the people who sail, sail anyway, with or without the school’s support).