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The school’s motto is ‘Altius et Latius’ which means ‘Higher’ and ‘Wider’. These words clearly embody what it is that we strive to do at Rondebosch; to provide boys’ with the opportunity to aim high and expect great things and to grow in confidence through a wide breadth of experiences. A good school is rigorous but it is also a happy place. The combination of rigor, joy and success is rare. We believe that this is the essence of the Rondebosch experience; an experience we hope you will choose to be part of.

Thank you to all those involved in the production of the 2021 Virtual Open Day Video.

Special thanks to our Grade 12 learners who were actively involved in the creation of this video, namely:

Alex White – Creative Director (Grade 12)
Greig Hutchison –  Videography (Grade 12)
Cameron de Kock – Head Boy 2021 (Grade 12)
Ethan Cunningham – Deputy Head Boy 2021 (Grade 12)
Executive Council (Grade 12 Prefect Body)

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