Supporting Rondebosch

Our Old Boys have supported Rondebosch for well over a century by providing financial assistance for building projects and scholarships. They have also served the Rondebosch Schools in numerous ways such as being guest speakers and Bosch Journey guides, providing sports coaching and music tuition and serving as trustees. We are proud of our Old Boys and grateful for their ongoing support.

Bosch 125 Diversity Programme

The Old Boys’ Union’s Bosch 125 Diversity Programme was set up to provide school fees and other essential expenses for boys from disadvantaged backgrounds. This begins in the earliest grades to enable them to take part in the full Rondebosch experience. Read more

Scholarships and Bursaries

From time to time, the Old Boys’ Union provides funds for boys to attend RBHS and to assist Old Boys with their post graduate education. RBHS scholarships are awarded by the school and not directly by the Old Boys’ Union.  Read more


We invite Old Boys and others who appreciate the important role of our Schools to leave either a fixed amount or a percentage of their estates to the Rondebosch Boys’ Schools’ Education Trust or to the Rondebosch Old Boys’ Union for the benefit of future generations of Rondebosch boys. Bequests may be allocated to a purpose of the donor’s choosing or for general use. Read more


Ongoing financial support for the Prep and High Schools is necessary to maintain excellence as funding from the state to Rondebosch (and many other schools) is extremely limited. In addition to significant operating costs, mostly paid for by parents through school fees, there is a need for additional funds to support capital improvements and to fund deserving boys who are unable to pay. Read more

Service to the Schools

Rondebosch benefits from Old Boys using their skills and experience to assist the Rondebosch Schools and, in particular, the present boys. Read more