Securely stored in the Archive Room, for posterity and for research purposes, are copies of all Rondebosch school magazines dating back to 1904, group and other photographs, film and CDs, school records and other relevant documents.

Suggestions of items for our Museum

  • Anything which could be interesting (or amusing!) to Old Boys and boys.
  • Photographs, in particular showing school and boarding house activities; formal and informal.
  • Photographs of former staff.
  • Very old group photographs, especially those taken before 1930.
  • Photographs, drawings and paintings of the school, boarding buildings and grounds.
  • Copies of books, plays and music authored by Old Boys, boys and members of staff.
  • Ties and brochures commemorating the Rondebosch Schools’ events and tours, including reunions.
  • Items depicting the development and expansion of the Rondebosch Suburb.
  • News clippings and other reports on boys’ and Old Boys’ activities, such as newsmakers, academics, artists, businessmen and sportsmen.
  • Confiscated items and ‘contraband’.
  • School badges, including colours awards.
  • Trophies and certificates awarded for sporting, academic, cultural and other events.
  • News clippings about the school and the suburb of Rondebosch.
  • News reels and video recordings of school events, and television broadcasts.
  • Rondebosch Schools’ music recordings (LP, tape, CD or DVD).
  • Mugs, crockery and any other memorabilia/souvenirs celebrating the school.
  • Items commemorating our connection with other schools.
  • Old teaching equipment, including wood- and metalwork and laboratory equipment.
  • Old music equipment and scores
  • Canigou and Mason House mementos
  • Sound and lighting (stage/lighting crew) equipment.
  • Rondebosch Schools’ crests – particularly old and handmade versions
  • Items relating to the Cadet Marching and Pipe bands, such as bugles, drums, uniforms, etc.
  • Posters advertising school events such as concerts, drama productions, fetes.
  • School circulars of historical or general interest; minutes of school or OBU meetings.
  • Photograph albums compiled by staff or Old Boys.
  • Aerial photographs of the grounds or the Rondebosch suburb.
  • Old touch judge flags and other sports items.
  • Sports results and scorebooks
  • Old sports jerseys, boots, bats, sticks, racquets, balls and equipment showing the development of sports kit over the decades.
  • International jerseys, blazers, caps, ties and shirts and other items worn or used by our international sportsmen and Olympians
  • School magazines prior to 1930.
  • Programmes from school plays, concerts and musicals.
  • Matric and other dance mementoes (e.g. menus, photographs).
  • Old Boys’ dinner menus in Cape Town and elsewhere (such as reunions and sub-unions).

Contact Union Office

Please contact the Union’s office if you (or families of Old Boys) wish to donate or lend any items to the Centre.
All items will be acknowledged and safely stored.

Postal address:  PO Box 731 Rondebosch 7701
Telephone:  +27 (0) 21 686 1897