Clive Young Obituary

20 March 1934 to 14 July 2019

It is with great sadness that we heard on 14 July of the death of the much loved Mr Clive Young at age 85.  We extend our condolences to his daughters Kathryn, Susan and Sally and their families.  Mrs Vicki Young died some years ago.

Mr Young, or ‘Mousey’ as he was affectionately known to generations of boys, arrived as a young, newly qualified teacher in 1958 and devoted his entire teaching career to Rondebosch through to his retirement in 1992.  As a senior member of staff he served as Rondebosch’s Vice Principal and Head of Department.   Mr Young also contributed to the boarding houses as Head of Mason House, as Canigou Housemaster and ultimately as Boarding Superintendent.

He taught History, Geography, Maths, Commercial Arithmetic and Religious Instruction, but it is for his popular and jovial Accounting classes for which he will be affectionately remembered by many Old Boys – entertaining, humorous and copious puns.  His teaching had a significant impact on his accounting pupils, many of whom went on to successful careers in accounting and in business.

Mr Young also played an active role in Rondebosch’s extramural life as coach of rugby teams varying from U13A through to the Fifth/Matric and Sixth teams, taking some on tours to the Overberg or up the West Coast.  He helped establish the Bridge Club, and was Master in Charge of the RCU and the Historical Society.

On his retirement the report in the school magazine described him: “The complete gentleman, Clive related to generations of staff and pupils with gentle compassion and a ready twinkle in his eye” and “His sensitivity and humour made him a natural success in the classroom.  Thousands of pupils came to love the predictability of those appalling puns, the ready smile, and the willingness to play up to his nickname with a pair of twitching ears and his whiskers – trimmed on Fridays”.

In 1993 he was elected as an Honorary Vice President of the Rondebosch Old Boys’ Union, a position which he fulfilled with dedication through to his death.  For some years Mr Young was Editor of the Old Boys’ Union newsletter which conveyed school and Union news to Old Boys across South Africa and beyond.  At E-year reunions and at the annual Old Boys’ dinner his popularity was reflected by the many Old Boys surrounding him to share reminisces and joking with him and he with them.

His cheerful presence and humour will be missed by all who knew him and we acknowledge Clive ‘Mousey’ Young’s contribution to Rondebosch and the education for over 35 years of thousands of Old Boys and his continued involvement with the school through the Old Boys’ Union.

Altius et Latius.