Regular Union Events

Our regular events provide an opportunity for our Old Boys to keep in touch with each other and the Rondebosch Schools. These activities help to maintain friendships formed at school, foster business partnerships and general business networking and, through financial and other support, ensure that Rondebosch maintains its excellence and provides assistance to those who may not otherwise be able to obtain a Rondebosch education.

We can also support the Rondebosch Schools by attending academic, cultural and sports events and showing a real interest in our teachers and the achievements of the many school boys who excel in diverse activities.

Annual dinner

The Union’s dinner is a formal annual event for Old Boys from all E-years and usually includes several E-year reunion groups. The dinner is held in mid-March each year at a venue close to the schools. We are fortunate to have excellent guest speakers – over the last six years they have been Gary Kirsten (E1985), Jonathan ‘Zapiro’ Shapiro (E1976), Rob Paddock (E2001), Gcobani Bobo (E1997), Nick Hamman (E2009) and Prep School Headmaster Ian Ryan.

Summer sports

On Founders’ Day (mid-March), Old Boys play the senior RBHS teams at basketball, cricket, tennis and water polo. The first cricket matches between Old Boys and the school were played in 1913 and these matches are among the most traditional played by Rondebosch boys.

Winters sports

Old Boys play social football, hockey and squash matches once a year against the present senior school boy teams. Internationally, school boys are not permitted to play rugby against opponents of a different age group so we may no longer play these matches.

Informal gatherings

The Union hosts various informal ‘themed’ functions from time to time in the Old Boys’ Union Centre. Old Boys are advised by email of these events.


Walker Trophy and Quad Golf

The Walker Trophy Golf Challenge is played annually between Rondebosch and Bishops Old Boys.  Rondebosch has won the trophy 20 times, Bishops 17 times and there has been one draw.

The Quad Golf is held each year between the Old Boys of Rondebosch, Bishops, SACS and Wynberg.

Acknowledgement of staff

The Union’s committee hosts an annual cocktail party for the Prep, High and Little Bosch staff and the schools’ governors. This is to acknowledge the important role performed by our academic, administrative and grounds staff and to thank them for their commitment.